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At Bridge Church, we are blessed with solid Bible teaching and clear instruction from Scripture.  We want to share this blessing with you, and we invite you to enjoy streaming or downloading these sermons for free on any device. Be sure to check back for new sermons!


'Tis the Season

This time each year we are bombarded with 1000 things that are associated with Christmas.  But Christmas is something much bigger and much deeper than the secularized version presented to us by this world.  In this series of messages we will look into the main themes of what came into this world when Jesus came into this world.


Jesus for President

These messages are presented with the "tongue-in-cheek" premise, WHAT IF Jesus were a candidate for president of the Untied States?  What are His qualifications?  Where would he stand on the issues?  How would his candidacy be received by the American public?


Christianity vs Liberalism

This sermon series will address theological liberalism as it is found in western Christianity.  What is the philosophical basis for liberalism?  How is it different from Biblical/Historical Christianity?  Do we have a dependable, authoritative revelation from God or are we to adapt and evolve with the ever changing society?


The Miracles of Jesus

This sermon series is based on the eight sign miracles found in the gospel of John.  The purpose for listing the miracles of Jesus is given in John 20:30-31"And truly Jesus did many other signs in the presence of His disciples, which are not written in this book;  (31)  but these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name."


Paul to Timothy

This new sermon series for 2016 will be a comprehensive treatment of the two letters the Apostle Paul wrote to a young pastor named Timothy.  In these epistles we find a great deal of Christian doctrine and practical instruction.  Today, more than ever, it is helpful to access these scriptures for wisdom, personal guidance, practical instruction, and encouragement.


JESUS Light of the World

God's gift of love to the world was His Son Jesus Christ.  He was referred to as "The Light of the World".  In this short sermon series Pastor Marc presents the scriptural teaching that this world is presently in a conflict between the kingdoms of darkness and light.  Jesus came to enlighten us to our need for forgiveness and restoration to God.  This time of year it is especially fitting to be reminded of the true Light of Christmas.


Series on King Jesus

In this series Jesus is presented as the King of kings and Lord of lords.  Jesus was much more than a good teacher and miracle worker.  He was and is the fulfillment of every prophecy about the Kingdom of God.  His kingdom starts within our hearts and will finally result in the rule of righteousness on earth.   The prayer Christians have been praying for over 2000 years, "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven" will take on fresh new meaning as you listen to these messages.


Series On Worship

In this series of messages, Pastor Marc presents the scriptural teachings and examples of sincere worship.  Worship is something more than just attending a church service.  It also involves walking with God day to day and spending time in His presence all week long.  The aim of this short series is to help us all worship more and worship well.


Stand Alone Sermons

These are messages not associated with a series, but are given to speak to current issues or to present a theme or text that I feel led to preach to our congregation.  I share these with the prayer that God will use them to encourage, edify, or exhort others as well.


Jesus: 1 on 1

In this series, Pastor Marc Leverett takes us through one-on-one interactions between Jesus and various people in the New Testament:  Nicodemus, the Woman at the Well, Simon Peter, and more.


Core Training Series

Do you have questions about the Christian faith or the Bible?  This series goes to those foundational elements of the Christian Faith.  While all the teachings of scripture are important, we need to be sure to be able to learn and defend these core teachings.


Perilous Times

"They were the best of times, they were the worst of times."

They were perilous times.  Those times in our lives as believers when we come to a turning point.  A choice that must be made.

Pastor Leverett does not shy away from these areas in this set of four sermons.


Tough Truths

This message series presents those Christian doctrines that are particularly difficult.  Some of these doctrines have come under attack from secularists and some Christian revisionists as unacceptable today.  But does society have veto power over the faith of Christ?  Is Christian doctrine subject to the fads and whims of a continually secular and decadent society?  Listen to these messages with the understanding that the scriptures, not society, are the source of truth.