Recent Messages

At Bridge Church, we are blessed with solid Bible teaching and clear instruction from Scripture.  We want to share this blessing with you, and we invite you to enjoy streaming or downloading these sermons for free on any device. Be sure to check back for new sermons!

The Story of Jesus - Part 1 His Origin

These messages present the biography of Jesus Christ from his birth to his Resurrection, Ascension and Coming Kingdom.  The 4 gospels along with other scriptures constitute the authoritative source of information about the most important person to ever walk on the earth.

The Relatives of Jesus

This short Holiday Message Series examines the reality that Jesus Christ, God's Son, was placed in an earthly family.  While Jesus was the divine Son of God, He was also human and had a mother, step-father, step-siblings, and other relatives.  How did Jesus' humanity and divinity work together in His mission to be our Savior?  What lessons can we learn from the qualities and foibles of earthly relatives?

2017 Stand Alone Messages

These are messages not associated with a series, but are given to speak to current issues or to present a theme or text that I feel led to preach to our congregation.  I share these with the prayer that God will use them to encourage, edify, or exhort others as well.

The Here and the Hereafter - I&II Thessalonians

These messages emphasize the teachings of Paul concerning the end times and where this world is ultimately headed.

God and Money

The scriptures address the subject of wealth more than any other subject.  Money is the universal means of exchange and the way we measure the value of material goods and services.  This preaching series is designed to bring each believer to a place of maturity in the area of how we view and handle money.

What Kind of Christian Was Jesus?

Listen to this series which addresses the historical Jesus.  If Christianity is about Jesus Christ, then we will be better Christians when we pattern our beliefs and behavior after Christ.

Why Did He Do That?

These messages present the reality that even the best of God's people are flawed, make mistakes, sin, and need God's grace.  We can learn from both the positive and negative examples of those presented in scripture.