What is your Sunday service like?

We aim to present a service that features the time-tested and transcendent.  We strive to promote a genuine heartfelt worship experience.  Our pastor presents the timeless truths of scripture in the context of our present world.  He has been known to use logic, anecdotes, and humor to communicate God’s Word.  His belief is that listeners will get more out of a sermon if they are awake to hear it.

What should I wear?

Wear some clothes!  :)   Some of us dress more “churchy” than others.  It’s really not an issue here.  Common sense tells us what is or is not appropriate to wear to church.  I like using the two Cs: 1. Comfortable and 2. Considerate.

So, “Bridge Church”, what is your denominational affiliation?

We hold to classic Baptist doctrine and polity (church structure) recognizing the scriptures (the Bible) to be our rule of faith and practice.  We are congregational in structure, conventional in doctrine, innovative in methodology, and evangelical in practice. We strive to be the kind of Christians who follow the example and teachings of Jesus, rather than man-made traditions that unnecessarily divide believers.  We cooperate with other likeminded churches for missions and fellowship, and maintain affiliations with the BBFI, and the SBC. 

Will I be put on the spot?

No.  We recognize that many people desire some degree of anonymity when they first visit a church.  Of course you will not be able to escape being warmly greeted by people who are glad you came, but you will not be asked to stand, sit, roll over, bark, or otherwise have attention drawn to you.  We do encourage you to fill out the “Welcome Card” so we can have a record of your visit and send you a nice welcome message, but if you choose to be an auditor, that’s OK.  You can move closer into full fellowship as you feel comfortable.

Do you have small groups?

Yes.  Some of these are structured and some are more spontaneous.  We are in the process of expanding our small groups to meet the social needs of our expanding church family.  See our greeter table for information about "House-to House" or look into our Bible Studies.