A vital part of our faith community here at Bridge Church is our small groups.  "House-to House" is held once each month at a host family's home.  Each home has about 8 people meeting together to share a meal and then have some quality time together.  This has become a way to build friendships and get to know each other better!


What House to House is:

1.  An "outside the walls" program to encourage meaningful relationships between our own church members.

2.  An introductory point for those who are curious about the teachings of Jesus and the Christian faith.

3.  Something to do that is stimulating, enjoyable, and life enriching, unlike sitting and watching TV.

4.  A way to get to know other people better in a safe and courteous environment.

How House to House Works:

Once a month, on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon, 6-8 people meet in someone's home for a good meal and some good conversation and a time of sharing and prayer.  Each host house provides a courteous environment and guides the discussion in a manner designed to help meet the social and spiritual needs of those who attend.

There will be a sign up sheep in the main hall of the church so each member can sign up for a House to House meeting.  The idea is to purposefully organize the attenders so as to meet others you do not already know well.  Those who are looking into the faith and are yet unconnected to Bridge Church are welcomed also.  The tone of these gatherings is courtesy and genuine friendliness.