Several gaps we want to span:

1. Generation Gap – Too much of “churchianity” is generationally divided.  We believe this is a tragic development that should be corrected, not perpetuated.  Our church is intentionally intergenerational.  This is reflected in our worship, our fellowship, and our outreach.  While we have age specific ministries, we also have times when we celebrate the entire family of believers from babies, to teens, to young adults, to grandmas and grandpas.  A church should look like an extended family with all age groups sharing the Christian faith together.

2. Ethnic Gap – Here at Bridge Church we see ourselves as one chapter of a worldwide organization that is made up of all people groups, nations, languages, and ethnic backgrounds.  We seek to be multi-ethnic by desire and design.  Bridge church rejects all forms of racism.  Jesus belongs to all of humanity and all are welcomed at Bridge Church!

3. Cultural Gap – Whatever socio-economic “class” you may be in, here at Bridge, that doesn’t matter.  The scriptures teach us that such classification bias is not to be found in the church of Jesus Christ.  Our congregation is composed of a wide range of different kinds of folks from different geographical regions and trades.  We take the teachings of scripture seriously to show no favoritism or marginalization to anyone because of their “station” in life.  What may be a reality in society is not to be the reality in Jesus’ house.

4. Background Gap – Whatever it may be from your past or recent experience that makes you feel like church isn’t for you, we hope to build a bridge of love over that barrier.  Do you come from a secularist background?  Bridge Church is a great place to investigate the Christian faith.  Have you had a bad church experience?  Bridge Church has some folks who can relate with you and have found healing and renewal of faith here.

5.  Intellectual Gap – For too many, the church seems to be “anti-intellectual” or “backward”.  This is tragic and in, some cases, deserved.  Too often the church has failed to address the intellectual barriers that some have to the Christian faith and the teachings of scripture.  Here at Bridge Church we believe that all truth is God’s truth.   We believe that scripture and true science do not conflict but rather complement each other.  You don’t have to check your brains at the door to be part of Bridge Church.  Questions are good.  They lead us search and find answers.

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