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MAN CHURCH or its sponsor The Bridge Church of Fort Collins, CO does not endorse all the views of those found in the links below.  They are provided due to their emphasis on manliness with politics, and denominational aspects recognized as part of our diversity and freedom.


Man church is about…

1.    Presenting the life and teachings of Jesus Christ in a setting and a manner that speaks particularly to the minds and hearts of men.

2.    Dealing with the issues and challenges that most particularly affect men.

3.    Creating a forum where we may speak more freely on certain scriptures that can be difficult to teach in a congregation where women and children are present.

4.    Encouraging friendship and camaraderie among men.  While rugged individualism is admirable, the reality is that men can greatly benefit from being part of a group.

5.    Truth.  MAN CHURCH is about TRUTH.  We believe God’s Word, The Bible, to be true, authoritative, relevant, valuable, and important!

6.    Becoming a true man of God.  The purpose of MAN CHURCH is to make better men, who will be better husbands, fathers, friends, workers, citizens, and Christians.

Man church is not about…

1.    Disliking or disrespecting women.  Real men love and respect women.

2.    Blaming women for the faults or failings of men.  Real men take responsibility for their own attitudes and actions.

3.    Arrogance or chauvinism.  Real men are humble and exhibit quiet, gentle strength.

4.    “Macho Syndrome”.  Real men are not threatened by strong women and are able to lead their family without chest beating or egotistic bluster.

5.    Whining or belly-aching.  Real men allow past hurts to educate and strengthen them, not give them an excuse for bad attitudes or actions.

6.    Inappropriate speech or behavior.  While MAN CHURCH speaks as men to men, and we may use plain language, we are not creating a forum for the profane or sacrilegious.

7.    Discovering some “feminine side”.  MAN CHURCH stands on the Biblical precept that men are men and women are women.  We seek to identify and emphasize the particular God-given traits of masculinity and develop these traits for the glory of God and the benefit of society.

8.  "Political Correctness"  MAN CHURCH is opposed to the current secular-humanist nonsense that has crept into some branches of Christianity.  Jesus was not politically correct.  Men who follow him will reflect His example.

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