Get Outside! - Articles on the Benefits of Physical Exercise in Children:

Get Outside, a ministry of Bridge Church, Fort Collins, CO may not endorse all the views of those found in the links below.  They are provided to point out the need to encourage healthy exercise for children.

Get Outside!  That's what leading doctors, sociologists, psychologists, and educators are all recommending parents tell their children for the development of a healthy and happy child.  It also happens to be the instinctive reaction you may have when your kid is spending too much time indoors, becoming bored, and driving you crazy!  there are many studies that conclude that our modern tendency toward passive entertainment such as TV, computers, smart phones, video games, etc. has created a generation of children who are not physically fit and may also be prone to depression and poor social skills.  Some even see this as a national health crisis! 

We at the Bridge Church want to do something about it so we are making a start by providing a safe, supervised play area where children under 12 can participate in outdoor games that will get them physically active and socially connected with others.  We hope  to serve our community by helping parents develop a love for healthy activity and have great fun doing it!

Get Outside! Guidelines

Get Outside is about:

1.   Fun. Exercise is more effective if it is fun.  When it gets to be a burden or a drudgery most people will quit doing it.

2.   Safety.  Parents naturally care about their children's safety.  While no one can guarantee there will be zero injuries when children play active games with other children, we will make all reasonable efforts to create a safe environment.

3.  No bullying.  Every child is to feel emotionally safe, accepted, and included.  Bullying in any form will not be allowed.

4.  Encouraging friendship and healthy socialization among children.

Activities -

Children will play kickball, low net volley ball, run relay races, other energy demanding games.  Children should wear some suitable clothes and shoes for such play.  "GO" teams (for Get Outside) are designed for friendly competition and will be altered weekly.

Time -

First event is June 20th.  Playtime will begin at 6:00 PM on Wednesday and end at 7:30 PM.  All participants are invited to enjoy a FREE HOT DOG at the conclusion of each event.

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